Meet the Team

HowTune was founded in 2011 by Ian Turgeon with support from Adam Ribakoff and Zachary Berry. Our mission is to bring together high quality automotive knowledge by building great authoring tools and fostering intelligent communities. HowTune is built on our own content platform built specifically for awesomeness.


Founder, Editor, Developer, Designer, Sleepless

Ian's passionate about cars, development, and design. As a critical thinker and natural problem solver, he's been building and breaking things since the beginning. He started cutting his teeth in web development by building community automotive sites in 1999. He's spent the last 10+ years developing innovative learning systems for the biggest state university in the U.S., starting his own web development company, and having a blast learning about everything. In true masochistic form, he loves to commute in an aluminum torture box that is the Lotus Elise.



Adam is a designer and fabricator who found his niche in building automotive communities on-line. He's spent the last 10 years designing sites, turning wrenches, dreaming up big ideas, and fabricating everything from surfboards to carbon fiber splitters. Adam spends his weekends surfing, autocrossing his turbo AWD brick, and entertaining his family.



Zach is a web designer and developer currently living in way-too-sunny Orlando, Florida. Since 2005 He's worked at the University of Central Florida under the Learning Systems & Technologies group to improve and innovate in on-line learning. He's been programming in some form since experimenting with (and breaking) his dad's Macintosh as a kid. Today his interests are in the fusion of technology and design, including the web, app/game development and music production.