Remove The Front Axle Nut on a GMC Syclone

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If your replacing an axle, front differential, or rebuilding the suspensionon on a 4 wheel drive S-series (Syclone, Sonoma, S-10 Jimmy, or Blazer) you'll need to remove the front axle nut.

Fortunately, it's pretty strait forward, you just need the right tools.

Remove the Retaining Clips


Remove the center caps on your wheels if you have any. My Syclone has a security bolt to remove the center cap.


Using a pair of needle nose pliers, straiten out the carter pin that keeps the nut retainer in place.


Remove the stamped steel retainer which will give you access to the axle nut.


Remove the Axle Nut.

The axle nut has a high torque rating, so it's generally fairly difficult to remove. If you have a good impact gun, it may be time to break it out, otherwise you'll need a large breaker bar and probably want to leave the wheel on, with the full vehicle's weight keeping the wheel from rotating.

Image 2043 from Remove the Front Axle Nut on a GMC Syclone

Be sure to re-install the retainers


Torque the Axle nut to spec.

The Syclone/Typhoon supplemental manual says 181 ft-lbs.

The 4wd Sonoma/Jimmy variants looks like its 160 ft-lbs.

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That opening picture scares the crap out of me. If that truck comes down for any reason, the dude under it will suffocate by his chest being crushed.

We all know this. Don't get under a truck if it's not safe to do it. Posted in memory of Dave Welsh.

If you can't get the nut loose without the wheels turning, or the truck is off the ground for other reasons, put a drift, screwdriver, or grade 8 bolt in a brake rotor vent, and let it lodge against the caliper bracket so the hub can't turn.

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