Replace The Tail Light Bulb on a Volvo S60

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Learn how to replace a rear position lamp (aka. tail light) bulb on a first generation (2000–2009) Volvo S60.

Volvo designed the tail lights on these cars to be very easy to change. They have a unique and kind of interesting bulb bracket that quickly and easily comes out of the tail light to make changing bulbs a snap.

  • No Tools Required!

Open Trunk


To get started, pop the trunk and take a look at the carpeted side panel on the side of the burned out bulb.

Fold Down Side Panel


The side panel has a locking knob holding it in place, rotate it counter clock wise 90 degrees to release.


The side panel should fold down out of the way enough to work on the tail light.

If you need to, you can remove the panel by unhooking the bottom tabs from the hoops on the floor.

Disconnect Wire Harness


The wire harness is a single press in clip. Squeeze the clip's release tab and pull straight out of the housing.

Remove Bulb Bracket


The bulb bracket houses all 4 bulbs in the tail light. It's held in by two little clips on either side of the center.

Simply squeeze the tabs open and pull the bulb housing out of the tail light.


The bulb bracket should pull directly out of the housing.

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Remove Bad Tail Light Bulb


Remove the tail lamp bulb by slightly pressing in, then rotating counter clock wise to release.

Note how the small prongs on the side of the bulb correspond with slots in the bulb socket.

Install New Bulb


Insert your new 5007 Miniature Bulb into the housing.


Press down then rotate the bulb to lock it into position.

Install Bulb Bracket


Carefully line the bulb bracket up with the housing and re-insert it into the tail light.

It'll snap into place.


Reconnect the wire harness to the bulb bracket.



Test the new bulbs by turning on the parking lights.

Resecure Interior Panel


Now that everything's working, close up the panel by folding it back into place and turning the knob to lock it in place.

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