Install Black Center Cap Emblems on a Lotus Elise Exige

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Replacing aging Lotus wheel center cap emblems is a pretty easy and basic way to enhance the look of your Elise and Exige. If yours are aging and cracked or you'd just like to change the color, this guide will help you update them correctly.

Remove the Centercaps


Remove the centercaps from your wheels. They just clip into the wheels, so grab it with your hand and pull them off.

Some model years have different size caps for the front and rear wheels.


Remove the plastic lens on the emblem.

I heated the surface with a heat gun to loosen up the plastic and adhesive. I'm not positive how important this step was, but it seemed to make it a little easier then not using it.

Wedge your tiny flat head screw driver under the edge of one of the plastic lenses, then slowly work your way around the circumference.

Be careful not to chew up the edge of the cap, but don't bother trying to protect the emblem or lens from getting damaged - there's no way to remove these intact.


Remove the remaining adhesive.


Clean and degrease the adhesive surface using a small amount of rubbing alcohol.


Add a layer of 3m adhesive tape to the center cap.

Adding the 3m adhesive serves 2 purposes:

  1. The thick foam adhesive will raise the new decal so it's a similar depth as the stock emblems
  2. This 3m emblem tape is some amazingly resilient stuff, it should last a long time.

Peel off the last layer of adhesive and place the new decal on. Again, make sure you firmly massage the final decal onto the foam adhesive to ensure a good bond.

Image 7336 from Install Black Center Cap Emblems on a Lotus Elise Exige
Image 7337 from Install Black Center Cap Emblems on a Lotus Elise Exige

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