Convert The Remote Oil Filter To On The Block on a GMC Syclone or Typhoon

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The stock GMC Syclone and Typhoon feature a remote oil filter located on the driver side fender, nearest the front. While this makes changing your oil filter a bit more convenient (assuming you dont dump oil all over your inner fender), it does present an eyesore for those who want to clean up the engine bay or not have to deal with aging leaky oily lines. Also, due to having to be under the truck to drain the oil, some prefer to have the filter on the block as well for quick access when doing an oil change.

This article covers the parts and steps needed to convert your remote oil filter location to back on the block. This is a very simple modification!

  • Standard Wrench/Socket Set
  • Jack with Jackstands
  • Blue Loctite
  • Torque Wrench
Image 7620 from Convert the Remote Oil Filter to on the Block on a GMC Syclone or Typhoon

Removing the Stock Remote Oil Filter Setup

Please read through these instructions BEFORE starting! There are 2 options in doing this modification with either cutting lines to the stock setup or removing them intact. This writeup will cover how to remove them with the lines intact.

This modification is best done when you plan to do an oil change as it will require you to drain the oil in your truck.


With the oil drained from your truck, remove the old filter and wipe off any residual oil around the area. It may help if you leave an old rag underneath the adapter to catch any remaining drips of oil while you remove the adapter.


Remove the bolts that hold the inlet/outlet lines on the remote adapter. You can also remove the adapter itself from the fender. There are 3 bolts that hold the adapter onto the fender - 1 on top, 2 on the bottom.

Image 7625 from Convert the Remote Oil Filter to on the Block on a GMC Syclone or Typhoon
Image 7623 from Convert the Remote Oil Filter to on the Block on a GMC Syclone or Typhoon

There are 2 oil lines that bolt into the top and bottom of the radiator on the driver side. Remove these 2 lines. Start with the top line.

Have a rag handy or method to catch oil when you remove the bottom line. There will be residual oil left and it will pour out. Prepare before you remove the line so you dont make a bigger mess than you intended.


For the oil lines that route to the block, there is a hold down bracket that is located just above the steering shaft next to the power steering pump. Using a 13mm, remove the bolt to free the lines of the hold down bracket.


Using a long extension with a 13mm, remove the bolt for the lines that attaches to the adapter on the block. Yes, it's a bit tight since it's located next to the front diff....but this will assist in removing the parts intact.


With the bolt now removed, you should be able to snake the lines back out of the truck. Be patient. This is where people tend to bring out their sawzall and make short work of the metal lines, bend them and remove everything. This is your choice in wanting to keep your stock parts or permanently destroy them.

Removing your fender well may assist in having more room to move the lines around as you pull them out.


Remove the bolts from the adapter on the block. (Marked A & B in pic, bolts are removed in pic.)


With the bolts remove, you can remove adapter from truck. Clean the surface area of the block of any leftover gasket material from the adapter. You want to make sure this area has no material as it is now the surface your oil filter will screwing onto.


You are now ready to install the new oil filter adapter. Using some blue loctite on the shorter end of the adapter, screw it into the block where the old adapter used to be. Torque to 35lb/ft.


This now completes the modification. You can now screw on a new oil filter (AC Delco PF47) as you normally would to the new block adapter and resume your standard oil change procedure.

Image 7631 from Convert the Remote Oil Filter to on the Block on a GMC Syclone or Typhoon

The stock oil filter (AC Delco PF52) will no longer be able to be used as it is too long to fit into the location with it on the block. The replacement filter sizes will work:

AC Delco: PF47, Bosch: 3331, Fram: PH3387a, K&N: 1001, Mobile1: m1-101, Purolater: 10111, Wix: 51040, Napa Gold: 1040

Photos: Warren Bowley

  • 35 lb/ft. of torque on adapter fitting

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Thanks for the detailed instuctions. It looks like a good alternative, especially if the supply and return lines are leaking.


No problem! It'll clean up the engine bay as well. Some owners have claimed seeing a slight rise in oil pressure (nothing to worry about) and for those who are concerned with overheating, this mod has been done on a truck with temperature measured before and after. The difference is temp is negligible and stays well below the range of concern.


thank for this explanation ,good job , but it's same for a chevy blazer 4,3 4/4 (2001) ?

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