Rebuilding A 700 R4 Transmission

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Automatic transmissions are typically a very scary project to take on alone. If you've ever seen one strewn across a workbench, you can only imagine that tiny magical gnomes could have designed something this perplexing.

Fortunately, every once and a while someone drops some know-how on these mystery slush boxes. Here are a few of the better write-ups we've seen:

Cliff Harris's "rebuild tips, tricks, and tools"

Cliff Harris posted this article covering rebuilding his own trans after his local shop left him unsatisfied. He has a few great tips that show us how to improvise to save a little on tools.

Pete's Exhaustive 5 Part Series

Pete also posted a pretty awesome thread on what it took to rebuild his Corvette's transmission.

Jeff Bradley's BANGshift article

Jeff posted a tear down series with some great photos the GM 700R4 (4l60) transmission posts on the BANGshift forums. Unfortunately for us, Jeff posted these articles before HowTune existed, so several of the threads are now missing.

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