Fixing The Stuck Window on a Lotus Elise

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The Lotus Elise and Exige both have a common issue where the door windows will either get stuck in the down or up position.

In some cases this can leave you stuck in a parking lot with a window that won't roll up. If you're lucky the opposite will happen and it just won't roll down.

In this article I'll cover a long term solution devised to prevent the issue from coming back often.

If you just need to get the window up now, skip to step 10.

  • Long shanked phillips screw driver
  • Magnet to find your lost screw
  • Locktite optional
  • Side window is stuck in the full up position.
  • Side window binds and stops before rolling all the way up.

Try Tilting the Glass


If you're stuck and it won't roll up, try to lightly tilt the glass forward or backward then hit the up button. Tilting the glass slightly can help it clear the obstruction.

Remove the Inner Door Panel


Use a 3mm hex key to remove all the screws you see from around the edges of the door panel.


With the door all the way open, remove the phillips head screw from the bottom front of the door panel, near the inner door handle.


Pull the forward end of the door panel outward, it's held in place with velcro. Be careful not to pull too far, you still need to disconnect the window switch.


When the velcro dislodges, pull apart the window switch connector from the rear. It slides strait off.


There is a plastic door fastener that holds the rear of the panel in place, with the velcro loose, just slide the panel toward the rear of the door to release. The fastener will stay in the door.

Add Some Thread Locker


Locate the phillips screws that hold the front and rear window channels to the top of the door. They screw into the channel from the inside (where the glass slides) out.


There may be a washer between the window channel and the door, try your best to keep it in place while you loosen the screw.


Spend 15 minutes searching in the bottom of your door for the screw and washer you just lost.


With the screw removed, squeeze some thread locker onto the threads, and screw it back in.

Install the Door Panel


Don't forget to slide the panel back onto the rear fastener.


Connect the window controls.


Screw in all of the hex/allen key screws into the panel. Be careful when they are nearly tight to not over tighten them as they can tear up the leather.

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