Install The Oil Pressure Sensor on a Lotus Exige

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This guide provides a walk through installing a remote oil pressure sensor on a 2ZZ Lotus Exige / Elise.

Using a remote mount mitigates vibration issues common with t-block mounted direct to the engine block.

  • Wrench 13, 14, and 24mm
  • Socket 10mm and Ratchet
  • Torque wrench (optional)

Install the sensor

I performed this procedure with the supercharger and manifold removed, hence the top down pictures. You can also perform this from the underside of the car reaching up on the side of the oil sandwhich plate and using stubby wrenches.


Remove the OEM sensor located directly above the oil sandwich plate

  1. Use a 24mm wrench to remove the existing sensor
  2. Clean the threads on the sensor
  1. Unscrew the threaded adapter from the steel braided tube on the LMA remote mount
  2. Apply PTFE (plumbers tape) tape to both threaded sides
Image 8161 from Install the oil pressure sensor on a Lotus Exige
  1. Thread the adapter (A) into the engine block by hand, use a 14mm wrench to tighten the rest of the way.
  2. Thread the LMA stainless steel tube on to the adapter now sticking out of the engine block by hand. Use a 13mm wrench make a 1/4 turn to tighten.. do not over tighten.
  1. Apply PTFE tape to the OEM oil pressure sensor threads
  2. Apply PTFE tape to the AEM oil pressure sensor threads
  3. Install both into the T-block.

The AEM sensor must go in the side port. The end port has the same threads as the hose connection to the engine housing, which only supports the OEM sensor.


Find somewhere to mount the t-block

On the side of the oil pan under the crank pulley

  1. Use a 10mm socket to remove a nut from the stud securing the oil pan.
  2. Slip the P-clip over the t-block and onto the stud
  3. Install the bolt and torque down to 9nm / 80 in lbs

Alternative location is between the engine mounts using an existing hole in the support bracket by the oil filter.

Image 8163 from Install the oil pressure sensor on a Lotus Exige
Image 8164 from Install the oil pressure sensor on a Lotus Exige


This guide does not cover wiring in detail as needs and methods will vary on each install.

The OEM oil sensor plug must be extended to reach the new location. This is a simple process using weatherproof butt connectors and extra wiring.

Follow the instructions included with the AEM oil sensor for wiring instructions on the new sensor. The e-brake and shift linkage tunnel under the car in the middle is a great location to run wiring into the cabin for guages.

Oil pan bolt 9nm / 80 in lbs

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