Clean The Mass Air Flow Sensor on a 2019 Toyota Camry

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The Mass Air Flow Sensor can sometimes get gunked up with residue which can affect how your engine runs. This guide will show you how to replace the MAF sensor and clean it.

Remove the MAF Sensor


Locate the sensor on the top of the intake tubing just after the air filter.


Disconnect the wire harness.


Remove the sensor by removing the 2 philips head screws.

Clean the MAF Sensor


Spray MAF safe cleaner over the temperature sensor and into the scoop inlet.

The actual air flow metering sensor is hidden deep inside the unit. Spray the MAF safe cleaner liberally into the openings in the sensor to clean any residue that may affect it's function.

Install the MAF Sensor


After the cleaner evaporates, install the sensor into the intake. Take care to clean the o-ring around the sensor to create a good seal.


Screw in the 2 philips head screws


Re-connect the wire harness.

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