Understanding Your Readers

Before getting started, let's talk about your readers. Obviously HowTune is a site for people who want to fix and upgrade their cars, but let's talk about who they really are.

HowTune is for Real People

We love service manuals - they're invaluable - but they're written for mechanics. We pack our articles with real-world photos, videos, and terminology so that mechanics and non-mechanics alike will be able to work on their own cars.

There is a fine line between well-written, concise instructions and vague, uninformative ones. Expand and provide detail when you can. Don't assume all of your readers know what you know. Common pitfalls and gotchas are valuable things to include.

We're fans of car communities (we're members of a few ourselves), but HowTune has a much wider audience. That means your readership will be larger than - for example - members from a Chevy Camaro forum. Any new or prospective owner should be able to find your HowTune articles and to be able to understand them without being a part of your community.

HowTune is for Novices

Some of your readers will have never opened their hood! People often search for problems they are experiencing to find help. Even if your readers don't do the work themselves, they'll be informed and know what to expect when they bring it to a mechanic. There's a ton of value in educating car owners - who knows, maybe they'll take on their first weekend project thanks to you.

HowTune is for Mechanics

Mechanics search for how-to guides too! It helps them know what parts and tools they'll need, not to mention the torque specs for each bolt. Step-by-step guides help mechanics with unfamiliar vehicles. Communities have a lot of knowledge about common problems after all. Make sure a professional can quickly glance at your article and get what they need to get their customer's job done right.