Install The Fog Lights on a Scion FR-S

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There were many questions asked why the Scion FR-S did not include factory fog lights in the USDM models. The fog light is a very popular aesthetic add on for the Scion FR-S so you would think Scion USA would have it equipped as standard or an option from factory. For those who required assistance in adding on an OEM Style Scion FR-S fog light kit then here is a detailed installation guide regarding that.


You will need to take the plastic trim removal tool to remove the plastic bezel piece. We advise going from the top inner edges to pop that piece off. Don't be afraid to use a little force to pop the tabs from the bezel off the front bumper.

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Next, depending on which side you are working on first, you will need to start your vehicle and turn the wheels the opposite direction to expose the fender liner locking tabs. Once the wheels are turned, you should notice there are three plastic clips/tabs that holder the fender liner on. You will need to use a flat head screw driver to remove these three clips. After the clips are removed, set the clips in a safe area so you do not lose it. You can use your hands to push the liner aside to perform the next few steps.

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In the Scion FR-S fog light assembly kit, there is a relay harness that is included. You will need to route one of the H11 plugs on the relay harness down to the fog light area. You will need to pop your hood open and slowly route it down to the foglight area. Once you have route the H11 socket down to the fog light area, take the Scion FR-S fog light assembly and connect it to the H11 halogen bulb installed on the fog light.

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In this step, you will need to align and lock the two tabs on the right to the factory bumper. The Scion FR-S Fog Light assembly kit also includes the necessary screws and hardware to mount the fog light in place. Mount the screw into the bumper using a Philips screw driver. Make sure the screw is tight and test it by moving the fog light around to confirm it does not move around. Lastly, take the new Scion FR-S fog light bezel and push it back into the tabs on the front bumper. Repeat the same steps on the other side to complete the exterior portion of the install.

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Put back the bezel cover

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Now, we have the wiring portion that will supply power to the new Scion FR-S foglights. You will need to connect the relay harness's positive and negative directly to the car battery terminals. The positive on the battery uses a 10mm bolt so take the 10mm to loosen the bolt, slip the relay harness's positive ring terminal, and tighten the bolt back on. You will need to do the same for the negative terminal as well.

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You will need to remove the fuse box cover located on the passenger side of the Scion FR-S. In this step, you will need a test light or power probe to assist you in locating which fuse slot provides power when the vehicle is on. Once you have located the fuse, there is a red wire from the power switch (included in the Scion FR-S fog light kit) that would need to be tapped into the fuse. You may need to get some additional 16-18 gauge wire to extend the wire to reach the interior of the vehicle. We advise locating a fuse that has power supplied when the vehicle is turned on because it will prevent the fog lights staying on accidentally once you leave your vehicle. You will save yourself the hassle from needing a battery jump start for a dead battery.

If you would like a simple installation, you can directly connect the white wire to the desired fuse slot so the fog lights will automatically turn on once the vehicle is on. However, if you would like to run it using the switch then please follow the next steps.

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There are two white wires from the switch and relay so you will need to connect both of these wires together. You will need to locate the rubber grommet from the engine bay and remove it to route the switch into the interior. Now, the switch would need to be mounted to a flat surface. Once you have located a flat surface inside the cabin, you will need to drill a 22mm hole to mount the switch. The switch has plastic clips which will lock into place. After the switch is mounted, you will need to locate a metal surface to ground the negative wire.

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Start your vehicle and check everything works. Enjoy your new Scion FR-S fog lights!

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Again, the Scion FR-S fog light kit is a must have for Scion FR-S drivers, and you can find this product for just 129.99 dollars from, the automotive LED superstore at

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