Adjusting The Clutch Pedal on a Scion FR-S

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The clutch pedal on the Scion FR-S is very light and doesn't have much feel to it. This just takes some getting used to, but there's a simple adjustment you can make that will shorten the travel distance and improve the responsiveness of the clutch pedal.

  • Open-Ended Wrenches 12, 14mm
  • Pliers or Grippy Gloves
  • Head-mounted light (preferred, but not required)

Pedal Height


Locate the master cylinder. It should be above the accelerator pedal. If you have trouble finding it, press the clutch pedal in with your hand and see what moves.

Image 790 from Adjusting the Clutch Pedal on a Scion FR-S

Locate the nut behind the bracket, and use the 12mm open-ended wrench to rotate the nut behind the bracket clockwise. If you feel lots of resistance, you're turning it the wrong direction. The idea is to move the nut away from the bracket (or further down the shaft).


Once the nut is loose, press down a little on the clutch pedal and rotate the shaft going into the master cylinder counter-clockwise. There's not much room, so you'll have to rotate it a little bit at a time. Some people use grippy gloves for this, but i just used pliers)


Keep checking the height of the clutch pedal. When it is even with the brake pedal, or maybe a bit lower than it, stop.

Cruise Control Sensor Adjustment


Because we just lowered the clutch pedal, the switch that detects when the clutch petal is at its highest point needs to be readjusted. It probably looks like this:

Image 784 from Adjusting the Clutch Pedal on a Scion FR-S

The sensor attaches with two nuts, one on each side of a bracket. Rotate the nut shown in the picture above counter-clockwise to loosen it. We'll refer to this one as the front nut and the other as the back nut from now on.


Now, hold the sensor with one hand and use the fingers of your other hand to turn the back nut clockwise. (This nut is not accessible with a wrench, which is why we're using our fingers.) Press the sensor toward the white pad on the clutch pedal arm periodically while doing this.


When the threaded part of the sensor is almost touching the white pad while you are pushing the sensor toward the white pad, stop rotating the back nut. The idea is to get it as close as possible without it touching. We don't want it preventing the clutch pedal from coming all the way back up after we lift our foot off of it.

Image 787 from Adjusting the Clutch Pedal on a Scion FR-S

Now, tighten the front nut by rotating it clockwise.



To make sure you didn't lower the clutch pedal too much, We need to run through a few tests before taking the car out on a longer drive. To begin, star the car and run through all of the gears with the clutch pedal completely depressed. If you hear any grinding, proceed to the last step of this section.


Put the car into first gear, accelerate a little, and come to a complete stop. As soon as you stop, put the car into reverse. If you hear gears grinding, go to the last step of this section.


Drive around a little, going through all of the gears to see if you feel any grinding or extra resistance. If you have any problems, go to the last step of this section.


If any of these tests failed, you'll need to raise the pedal height. Follow the instructions in the section above to change the adjustment, but remember to adjust the cruise control switch to give the pedal enough clearance first.


If your clutch pedal adjustment passed these tests, congratulations! You can now enjoy faster and easier shifting with less guesswork.

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