Change The Headlight Bulb on a Chevrolet HHR

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A quick and easy guide to replace the headlight bulb on a Chevy HHR. No jackstands or wheel removal necessary.

Headlight Bulb Removal


Depending on which bulb is being replaced, turn the wheel inward towards the wheel well. In this case, I am replacing the driver's side bulb, so the wheel is turned to the right.


There is a 7mm bolt and 2 snap clips to remove on the wheel well cover which will gain you access to the headlight bulb. Use the flathead screwdriver or small pry bar to gently pull the clips out. Careful not to damage the clips as they will be reused.


With the bolt and 2 clips removed, you can now gently pull back the wheel well cover and reach your hand to the bulb. Give the back of the bulb socket a clockwise turn and pull back to remove it from the back of the housing. You can see in the pic the bulb has been removed from the housing.


Gently pull the socket/bulb out from the cover to replace bulb.

Image 4143 from Change the Headlight Bulb on a Chevrolet HHR

Reinstall the Headlight Bulb


Pull the burnt out bulb straight out from the harness. Using care NOT TO TOUCH the glass on the new bulb, plug it back into the harness.


Pull back the wheel well flap and guide the bulb back into the back of the headlight housing using care as to not bang around or hit the bulb glass. Be sure to line up the tabs of the bulb socket to the housing so it sits flush. Give the socket a clockwise turn to lock it back into position.


Replace the 7mm bolt and 2 snap clips back into their respective locations.

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I’m gonna try to attempt to change my headlight bulb. I will let u no how it goes. Thanks for posting this

Is it possible to insert the new bulb in upside down? Or maybe not insert it correctly? I put the new bulb in and it did not move when I tried to wiggle it. When I turn on the headlights, the new bulb shines the light higher than the light I didn't change. The replacement bulb has a brighter downroad, which the old bulb does not have. Is this why the lights shine differently? If so, I will change the other bulb sooner rather than later.

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