Sy Ty Short Shift Install On The 700 R4 on a GMC Typhoon

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This is a quick how to for the Sportmachine short shift linkage install. Which can be purchased here

This is for when you use an HD propshaft on the front which is thicker than the stock shaft. Without this, some trimming and re-alignment will be required to fit the propshaft.

  • 14mm socket
  • 15mm socket
  • Wratchet
  • needle nose pliers
  • Shifter Bracket

If you install an HD propshaft and have rubbing issues when in gear, or you are unable to put the truck in any gear past reverse, your linkage is binding against the thicker shaft.

Remove the old one


Recommended to remove the front propshaft before this, or do this before installing your HD propshaft.


remove the pin and shift cable.

*be sure to secure the truck using wheel chocks or some other method as the transmission will most likely shift through the gears when you remove the bolt, thus freeing the wheels.

Image 4203 from SyTy Short Shift Install On the 700R4 on a GMC Typhoon

remove the shim holding the cable and move cable out of the way

Image 4194 from SyTy Short Shift Install On the 700R4 on a GMC Typhoon

remove the 14mm bolt for the cable pin and remove the 15mm bolt holding the linkage on the transmission

you may need to lightly tap the bracket off if its rusty

Image 4197 from SyTy Short Shift Install On the 700R4 on a GMC Typhoon

Install the new piece


Move the 14mm pin bolt to the new linkage, but do not tighten all the way yet


Make sure the transmission bolt is in the park position before setting the bracket. to find park, install the bracket and rotate it towards the front of the truck till it stops. remove the bracket for alignment


Lightly tap the bracket on to the bolt. The line in the bracket should be vertical when installed.

Image 4200 from SyTy Short Shift Install On the 700R4 on a GMC Typhoon

Tighten the 15mm bolt first to 15ft-lbs


re-attache the rear shift boot shim and cable


Hook the shift cable eye to the pin on the linkage. Adjust the position of the pin bolt to fit the cable length snugly. Tighten the 14mm bolt to 15ft-lbs


re-install the pin when shifting alignment is done.


Test that the shifter can still move freely though all gears. if not, check cable length and make sure the bracket was installed with the transmission in park and the shifter aligned to park as well.


Make sure everything is tight. note, you may still need to trim the rear mounting bracket using a grinding wheel to ensure everything clears. This will depend on your application

Image 4188 from SyTy Short Shift Install On the 700R4 on a GMC Typhoon

The linkage doesn't look much different than then origional one, but you'll notice how much shorter it is once you see them side by side. Also, once installed, you'll notice how it doesn't swing much lower than the pan when going through the gears. A good upgrade if you plan on getting a bigger propshaft. Or if your stock one is broken.

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