Replace The Fog Light Bulb on a BMW E90 3 Series

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Replace the fog light on any 5th Generation BMW 3 Series E90 E91 E92 and E93 (2005 to 2013).

Turn the Steering Wheel Away from Bulb


To gain clearance, turn the front wheel in as far as it'll turn.

Remove Bolts to Gain Access


Pictured is a 2008 BMW 335i. On this car we had to remove 2 bolts on the lower inner fender well. The bolts holding the oil cooler vent can stay in place.


Remove 3 on the bottom of the front bumper that hold the wheel well in place.

Move the Corner of the Wheel Liner


With all the corner bolts removed, you should be able to move the wheel liner enough to gain access to the back of the bulb. Pull the liner back. If it doesn't move enough or seems to be caught, check for more fasteners.

Image 5494 from Replace the Fog Light Bulb on a BMW E90 3 Series

Disconnect the Bulb


This was seriously the hardest part for us (and it's not that hard). The wire harness connecter on the back of the bulb was a little difficult to remove. The ends just squeeze together then it should pull off.

If you're having trouble with it, just reposition your hand, press the plug back on, and try again.

Unfortunately you cannot remove the bulb without disconnecting it (Sometimes this is a nice option for gaining perspective or leverage) because of a tab on the housing that prevents it.

Image 5497 from Replace the Fog Light Bulb on a BMW E90 3 Series

Remove the bulb


The old bulb will rotate counter clock wise in the housing. Just rotate it and remove it by pulling it straight out.

Image 5500 from Replace the Fog Light Bulb on a BMW E90 3 Series

Install a new H8 Fog Light Bulb


Remove the new bulb from the package. Careful not to touch the bulb with your fingers. If you do touch it, thoroughly clean your finger oils off the glass.


Insert the bulb into the fog light housing. It will only go in one way, so pay attention to the different sized prongs and where they fit into the housing.


Rotate the bulb clock wise once in place. The plug should be pointed downward.


Simply slide the connector onto the bulb

Test now Before you Reassemble


Turn on the lights and fog lights to make sure the new bulb is functioning

Reassemble The Fender Liner


Now put the fender liner back in place, taking care to line up the bottom front flaps where they engage the bumper.


Install all the fastener back into the fender liner. There were a total of 5 10mm bolts that needed to be removed on our car, 3 on the bottom and 2 in the fender well.

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