Reset The Oil Service Light on a BMW 3 Series (e90)

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Resetting the service lights on a BMW is not explained in the service manual. When you take your car into the dealership for service, the techs use this menu to reset your car's display.

If you are like us and prefer to work on your own car, the process can be a little tricky to figure out. So, here are the instructions I've compiled from a number of sources. Most of the videos for this procedure lack good instruction, so I'm hoping this will help everyone out.

This procedure should work on the e82, e90, e92, and e93.

Many people report success only after several repeated attempts. If your having trouble, be persistent and try again.

  • Your keys
  • Your fingers

Getting into the Service Menu


Insert your key into the ignition


Without pressing down the clutch or brake pedal, press start/stop button.


Wait for the service reminder on the main display to disappear.


Immediately after the service light goes out, press hand hold the odometer reset.

A warning triangle will appear, keep holding for another 2-3 seconds until the triangle disappears and the display changes to different service icon. If you hold too long and service menu icon disappears, start over.

Resetting the Oil Service Warning Light


Use the up/down toggle switch on the turn signal indicator stalk to navigate through the service menu.


Navigate to the Oil Can symbol on the main center display.

Image 986 from Reset the Oil Service Light on a BMW 3 Series (e90)

Press the BC button on the end of the turn signal indicator stalk. The display bellow the oil can will show Reset.


Press and hold the BC button for 2-3 seconds and a clock animation will show up on the screen. Your oil service light has now been reset.

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This is one of the better videos I found covering the procedure: BMW service


I changed my oil before the service indicator displayed. Is there a way to reset the system tracking mileage so that the oil change reminder doesn't come on in another 3000 miles or whenever the system thinks my next change is due?

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