Tips And Tricks For Using The Easy Fuel Capless Filler on a Ford

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Ford added capless fuel filler technology called Easy Fuel™ to most of its cars starting in 2008. It's a Ford exclusive technology that eliminates the fuel filler cap.

The idea is designed to simplify fill ups, reduce emissions (evaporating gasoline), reduce incidents of using the wrong type of fuel, and protect vehicles from theft.

That said, there's a specific method you should use to fill the vehicle. Typically theres a pretty simple sticker on the filler door that covers the technique, but we'll cover it here.

What makes it better:

  • Faster fill-ups with no cap
  • Prevents filling up with wrong fuel type
  • No cap to lose or forget
  • No check engine lights from improperly tightened gas caps
  • Significantly reduces harmful fuel vapors in the atmosphere
  • Tamper resistant seal reduces siphoning and vandalism

The Trade Offs:

  • Over filling can vent a lot of gas vapor. Stop filling when the station's pump clicks.
  • The tamper resistant seal means you must carry a special Ford-provided funnel to use a gas can.
  • If it fails, replacement costs will be higher then just a new cap.
  • There's a new fill-up procedure to follow.
  • Early versions are especially sensitive to dirt and debris.
  • It's more important that you close the filler door to keep the capless filler clean.

Fill Up Procedure

These capless fillers usually have a special instructions on a sticker applied to the inside of the gas door. The procedure is simple, but apparently important enough to warrant instructions. The instructions are pretty simple:

  1. Release the pump trigger when full
  2. Wait 5 seconds
  3. Pull the pump nozzle out of the filler


A common problem (especially with the earlier designs) results in the car throwing a P0442 engine code. Many times, this is caused by the flap in the filler neck not sealing completely due to dirt. Some models like the 2009-2012 Ford Fusion seem particularly vulnerable due to the filler's location and door design.

  • Make sure the filler is clean and clear of debris. Spray it out with compressed air, add a light spray of oil, and use your gas can filler neck to actuate the flapper 10-20 times.
  • Clean the filler door seals that prevent debris from entering the filler
  • Check the filler door spring (if it has one) to make sure it's keeping the door shut.
  • Test the purge valve

Using a Gas Can

Vehicles equipped with this type of filler all come with a special filler funnel needed for use with a gas can. The neck is typically located in the spare tire area under the floor in the truck or rear of the truck. Grab the neck, insert fully it into the filler neck and use it like you'd use a funnel.

Add A Locking Cap

Despite being tamper resistant and generally maintenance free - you may wish to add a locking cap to add another layer of theft prevention and help keep dirt and debris out of the filler neck.

There are several changes to these caps over the years, make sure you look at the reviews and choose the correct cap for your application:

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