Replace The Third Brake Light on a Nissan Altima

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The third brake light (also known as a center, center high mount, eye-level, safety or high-level brake light/lamp) is intended to provide a warning to drivers whose vision of a vehicles left and right brake lights are impaired or blocked. It also serves as a redundant stop light signal in the event of a malfunction in the standard left/right brake lights. It became mandatory in 1986 for passenger vehicles to be equipped with a third brake light and in 1994 extended to light trucks and vans as well.

This article covers how to replace the third brake light bulb on a 2007-2013 Nissan Altima.

Removing the Brake Light Housing


To remove the housing, push it towards the rear glass and then upwards to disengage the housing from rear dash, then slide it towards the left to remove it from the slotted holes the clips align into.


On the underside of the housing, you will see the bulb assembly that holds the bulb. To remove the assembly, rotate counterclockwise.


With the bulb assembly removed, you now can remove the burned out bulb from the socket.

Replacing the Bulb & Reassembly


Take your new bulb and reinsert it back into the socket. Take caution as to not handle the bulb with your bare hands as any grease or oils left on the bulb will shorten its life. Note - Using a light coating of bulb grease (dialectic grease) in the socket will help minimize any corrosion build-up. While not necessary for interior bulbs, it is still cheap insurance for the care of your car.


With the new bulb secured into the socket, reinsert the assembly back into the housing this time rotating clockwise to secure in into place.


With the bulb assembly secure into the housing, align the tabs of the housing with the slots in the rear dash (make sure the bulb assembly wire loom is clear and wont be pinched) and firmly push it back into place. You should hear the housing click into place.

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