Removing Badges on a Any Car

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Nearly all badges on modern cars are held on with double sided sticky foam tape. If you want to debadge, paint, or simply replace a badge, you can use these simple tips to get the badges off.

Some badges use holes in the panel for placement. If you plan on de-badging your car, check to make sure that your model doesn't use pins otherwise you'll end up with holes in the panel where the badge was.

Clean the Area


Clean the paint around the area you'll be working on.

You don't want to add any new damage to the paint while we're trying to upgrade your car's appearance. Remove any grit and dirt on your paint so you don't add scratches or swirls to your paint.

Removing the Badge


Using a bit of tooth floss, slowly saw and cut through the foam tape holding the badge on.

Again, be careful not to grind anything against the paint surface.


As the emblem starts to free from the paint, grab it with your fingers or use safe plastic pry tool. Do not use anything to wedge or pry it off.

You can also use a heat gun on low to loosen the adhesive. If you have one, use it.

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As you work along the emblem, you'll soon be able to pull it off the panel.

Image 7117 from Removing Badges on a Any Car

As you can see, most of the foam mounting tape is left behind on the paint.

Removing the Remaining Foam Tape


Using a clean microfiber cloth and adhesive remover, slowly rub the adhesive remover into the emblem adhesive.

Let it soak into the adhesive.

Once it's wet out, rub the adhesive around. As the sticky surfaces get adhesive remover on them - they will stop sticking to the car.

It will sort of ball up goop together into a smeary mess. Keep working the adhesive remover into the goop until you're able to wipe it off with a clean cloth.


Finish up by cleaning off the adhesive remover with soap and water, then giving the area a good coat of wax.

Image 7120 from Removing Badges on a Any Car

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