Removing The Truck Bed on a Sonoma, GMC Syclone, or S10

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The removal of bed aids in being able to access the frame for cleaning or most commonly the replacement of the fuel pump, a standard maintenance/modification on the GMC Syclone. Due to the short fuel lines of the gas tank and limited working space between the top of the fuel tank and bed, removing the entire bed becomes an easier alternative to avoid broken fuel lines and/or fuel sending units. This article covers the correct procedure to safely remove the bed without damaging your cladding.

  • Ratchet Set
  • Socket Extensions
  • Open end wrenches
  • Car lift (not required, only if available)
  • Torx head screwdriver
  • Impact Gun
  • Saw horses or equivalent stands to rest bed on once removed (ground clearance is necessary as to not damage the cladding!)
  • 2-3 extra friends to help you lift and move the bed once unbolted (you cant do it alone!)

Bed Removal


Begin by removing both rear tail lights (4 torx head bolts - 2 on the outside of lense, 2 on the inner section behind tailgate). Be sure to take the bulbs out of the lenses and let the harnesses hang freely inside of the bed where the lense would be. The goal is to not have the bulb wiring harnesses get caught during the bed removal.


Open up the gas filler door and remove the three (3) 10mm bolts that hold the filler neck to the bedside. Next, look in the wheel well by the filler neck. There is one (1) maybe two (2) ground connections. One ground goes from the filler neck to the underside of the bed close to the fuel door. The other (if present) connects to the frame, rearward of the wheel.


Moving to the rear of the truck, begin to remove the license plate lights (twist and turn the bulbs out of the housing). Remove the two (2) 10mm screws that hold the tail light wire harness to the bumper. You might have to remove the clip that holds the spare tire holder to the rear bumper so you can pull the bumper off.


Remove the bolt/nuts that hold the bumper to the truck. Set bumper off to the side. Avoid damaging bumper cover.


OPTIONAL STEP. Remove tailgate from bed. This step does not need to be done, however it will make lifting the bed that much lighter. Your choice.


Moving to the underside of the bed, remove the six (6) bolts that hold the bed onto the frame. This is where an impact gun may come in handy and will make quick work of bolt removal, especially for northern trucks.


While still under the bed, remove the bolt that grounds the tail lamp assembly to the frame.


Recheck all wire harnesses and grounding wires have been unbolted and are hanging clear so that the bed can be lifted without obstructions that can get caught.


Set up your saw horses (or similar stands) BEHIND the truck. Make sure there is enough ground clearance for the cladding. The idea is to lift the bed and be able to set it on the saw horses without the cladding touching the ground or taking any weight of the bed.


Time to call those friends over and do the lift. DO NOT lift up on the cladding. Once you have determined your lifting points that will not cause damage to the truck or put strain on yourself or friends, LIFT STRAIGHT UP high enough to clear the rear wheels (having someone who is not lifting checking that you are not hung up on any ground wires, wire harnesses or the gas filler neck before you move is recommended). Now walk the bed over to your waiting saw horses. Once the bed is safely resting on the saw horses, you can breath a sigh of relief, rejoice, and enjoy a tasty beverage.

Reinstalling the bed


To reassemble, reverse the steps above.

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I've removed a lot of Syclone beds for fuel pump replacement. This article suggests a number of steps that I haven't found necessary. Taillights and bumper can stay in place. Remove the spare tire.

I lift the bed with my engine hoist. With the tailgate up, the balance point is about at the rear of wheel wells. Rig the lift to the tie-down eyes in each corner. Protect the rear of the cab with a furniture pad. I lift, then pull the bed back, and set the front corners on the rear tires to steady it while I work on the pump.

I can R&R a bed by myself, with no assistance, or risk of damage in about 45 minutes.

Use an engine hoist. Soooo much easier, and less risk of damage to the cladding if you never touch it.


What is the cladding


@David, the cladding is specific to the GMC Syclone. They have expensive and fragile ground effects that bolt onto the bottom half of the bed. If you don't have a Syclone, you can completely ignore any cautions about the cladding.

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