Replace The Headlight Bulbs on a 2014+ Nissan Rogue

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Learn how to replace halogen headlight bulbs on your 2014+ Nissan Rogue. It's a fairly easy job once you gain access to the back of the headlight housings.

The photos in this article show replacing the H11 low beam bulb on a 2017 Rogue, but we'll cover both low and high beam replacement.

Open the Hood


Pop open the hood release.


Open the hood and prop it up.

Locate the Bulb to Replace

The low beam headlight bulbs are located located closer to the outer edges of the vehicle.

Remove the Burnt Out Bulb


Gain access to the headlight bulbs.

  • Driver Side Low Beam - reachable
  • Driver Side High Beam - difficult to reach, consider removing intake tubing
  • Passenger Side Low Beam - reachable
  • Passenger Side High Beam - difficult to reach

The high beam bulbs have sealed covers that screw on. Simply unscrew them. to gain access.


Disconnect the wire harness by unclipping the connector.

The clips just have two little ears, one on each side.

Image 7812 from Replace the Headlight Bulbs on a 2014+ Nissan Rogue

Rotate the bulb counter-clock wise approximately 30 degrees.


Remove the bulb by pulling it straight back.

Install the New Bulb


Insert the new bulb.

Be careful not to touch the bulb glass. The oils from your skin can cause them to burn out prematurely.


Clip the wire harness back on.

Final Test


Turn on the lights to test your new bulb. If the new bulb is a drastically different color or brightness, you may wish to replace the other side the same time.

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