Change The Oil on a Nissan Rogue and X-Trail

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Learn how to change the oil on your 2nd generation 2014+ Nissan Rogue and X-Trail with a 2.5L QR25DE 4 Cylinder Engine (though it should apply to first generation Rogues too). We've got a step by step how to with all the parts and tools you'll need to change the oil yourself and reset the oil service light.

Nissan calls for an oil change every 5000 miles or 6 months under normal use.

Get Started by Lifting the Car


Lift the front of the vehicle using your ramps or a jack & jack stands.


Pop the hood open.

Use the release lever on the bottom driver's side of the dash.

The Nissan Rogue has a somewhat strange hood prop rod - it's attached to the bottom of the hood itself.


Locate and Remove the oil fill cap.

Drain the Oil


Locate the oil drain plug and place your drain pan under it.


Remove the 14mm oil drain plug.


Install a new drain plug and crush washer. Torque to 22-29 ft-lb (29-39 N·m).


Move the Oil drain pan below the filter.

It's located on the passenger side of engine, right behind a plastic splash guard in the wheel well.


Remove the oil filter.

Just push the plastic panel flap out of the way and use an oil filter wrench to loosen and remove the filter.


Screw the new filter on, tightening it per the instructions on the box.

Mobil1 filter instructions say to seat the gasket and tighten one 3/4 turn.

Fill with New Oil


Using your funnel, refill the oil. It takes approximately X.X quarts.


Check the oil level by removing the dip stick, drying it and re-inserting it.

Check the level by reading where the oil shows up on the end.

Finish Up


Visually check the filter and drain plug for leaks.


Lower the car back to the ground.


Start up the engine and watch the oil pressure light to make sure it doesn't stay on.


Re-check the oil level and check once more for leaks.

Resetting the "Service due now" Light

There is a special procedure needed to reset the Service due now message.

If you have a steering wheel controls:

  1. Turn ignition on (no need to start)
  2. Press Back button till Settings is displayed
  3. Press Down button till Maintenance is selected
  4. Press Enter
  5. Select Oil & Filter & press Enter
  6. Select Reset & press Enter
  7. Confirm by selected Yes and pressing Enter

If you have 2 black buttons on either side of the odometer:

  1. Turn the ignition on (no need to start)
  2. Repeatedly press the right dash button till Settings is displayed.
  3. Press & Hold while "Settings" is displayed.
  4. Rotate the button to highlight "Maintenance" and press the button in to select.
  5. Rotate the button to highlight "Service" and press the button in to select.
  6. Rotate the button to highlight "Reset" and press the button.

##How to Get Rid of Your Old Oil?##

Your local auto parts store will take your old oil as long as you don't mix it with any other fluids.

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