Relocate The Ecm To The Glovebox on a GMC Syclone & Typhoon

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The stock syty ecm can be relocated to the glove box to make it more accessible for tuning. If you have a chip with multiple settings or are burning your own custom chips, this may be perfect for you!

Most people don't really put anything in the SY/TY glovebox anyway - might as well make it useful by putting the ecm there.

  • 7mm socket
  • philips screw driver

Drop the ECM


Remove the passenger side kick panel. There are 4 phillips head screws holding it in place.


Remove the passenger side dash panel. There are 5 7mm bolts along the leading edge of this panel under the dash.

Note that the foot well light bulb may be surprisingly hot.


Remove the retaining screw for the ecm


Remove the vehicle speed sensor box from the ecm bracket


Remove the ecm bracket from the ecm. There are 2 screws holding them together on one end.


Remove the plastic feet from the ecm


Disconnect the ecm from the electrical connectors.


Remove the rear access panel from the glove box. There are 2 phillips head screws back there holding it in.


Route the ecm connectors up, into the glove box.

Some seem to be longer then others - though that may be simply due to routing restrictions. You'll want as much extra wire as possible to make it easier to install and remove the ECM connectors. Spend time trying to route the wires in a way where you'll get the most length out of them.


Add velcro or 3m emblem tape to the bottom of the ECM.


Connect the ecm to the wire connectors.


Re-install the ecm in the glove box.

Note the ecm will have to be placed along the left most edge of the glovebox to fit.

Image 7012 from Relocate the ECM to the Glovebox on a GMC Syclone & Typhoon

Re install the foot well panel using the 5 x 7mm screws that hold it in.


Reinstall the kick panel.

These screws just screw right into the cab. Try to get them lined up correctly and don't over-tighten them. Most of these are kind of stripped by the time I've gotten around to working on a truck.


Re-connect the battery

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