Replace The Blinker Or Side Marker Bulbs on a Volvo 240

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Replacing the blinker and side-marker bulbs on the Volvo 240 is very easy - all you need is a screwdriver. This article was for my 1993 model but I believe these instructions will work on any 1986+ model.

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Removing the old bulb


Start by unscrewing the three screws for the bulb cover on the exterior of the car.


Once the screws are removed you can just pull the cover off the car, exposing the bulbs:


Remove the bulb or bulbs you want to remove by rotating the bulb clockwise, then pulling the bulb towards you.

Inserting the new bulb

The new bulb will have tiny bumps in the bulb (shown below)


Insert the new bulb by lining up the bumps with the notches in the bulb housing. Be careful not to touch the bulb as the oils from your skin may cause it to burn out faster - use gloves or paper towels instead.


Then, rotate the bulb counter-clockwise to secure it.

Wrapping Up


Now all that's left is to reattach the cover, which is the reverse of the removal.

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