Replace The Headlight Bulbs on a Volvo 240

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Replacing the headlights in the Volvo 240 is a snap - you don't even need any tools. This how-to was for my 1993 240, however I believe this should cover any 1986+ 240.

Open the Hood


Pop open the hood release and open the hood.

Locate the Bulb to Replace

The bulbs should be easy to find - you can see the headlight assembly with the wires connected to it in the front of the engine bay.

Removing the old bulbs


First, unscrew the plastic collar around the bulb cable housing


Depress the tab on the bulb housing, then pull the cable harness away.


Now, pull the bulb housing out as well.

Image 8364 from Replace the Headlight Bulbs on a Volvo 240

Now the bulb is free!

Remove the Burnt Out Bulb


Now rotate the bulb out of the plastic housing.

Image 8365 from Replace the Headlight Bulbs on a Volvo 240

Install the New Bulb


Insert the new bulb into the housing and rotate it back into place.

Be careful not to touch the bulb glass - The oils from your skin can cause them to burn out prematurely. Use paper towels or gloves.


Put the housing back into the headlight assembly.


Reconnect the wiring harness to the bulb.

Final Test


Turn on the lights to test your new bulb. If the new bulb is a drastically different color or brightness, you may wish to replace the other side the same time.

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