Install The Battery Charger on a 2016 Jaguar F-Type

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If you're as fortunate as I am to own an F-Type, it's likely that it's not your daily driver. I usually find an excuse to get mine on the road at least once a week, but I'm not always successful. So I decided to invest in a battery charger in the hope that I can extend the life of the battery, and to avoid an unpleasant no-start situation when I am ready to go.

The install takes less than 20 minutes, and can be done by anyone with minimal mechanical skill. After looking over the procedure, you might ask, "why can't I just hook the charger up directly to the battery?" The reason is that the F-Type uses an electronic battery management system to maintain the battery. Jaguar prescribes this method for installing battery chargers in order to keep their power management system happy.

Note: Jaguar publishes an "accessory fitting instruction" for their charging kit, which you may find useful. You can reference this document at

  • Ratchet with 13mm and 8mm sockets, or equivalent wrenches
  • Step-down ratchet drive adapter for the smaller 8mm socket
  • A short extension is handy for easy access
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  • Of course you'll need a battery charger. The F-Type uses and AGM battery, so the charger you choose must support AGM batteries. After reviewing the Jaguar forums, I decided to use a CTEK MXS 5.0 charger. It's been in use for an extended period by other owners, reliable and relatively inexpensive.
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Battery Access


The battery and power distribution block are located in the left rear hatch area of the car. To access them, you'll need to remove 3 separate cover panels. These are held in place with simple hook-and-loop (Velcro) style fasteners, so a tug on the pull tab of each panel will get them started.


First remove the large floor cover.

Next the battery cover.

Finally, the storage area cover.


Using the 13mm socket, disconnect the negative terminal.


Open the cover of the power distribution block by releasing the 3 plastic tabs that hold it in place. Locate the positive post opposite the existing yellow wire in the block. Using the 8mm socket, secure the positive lead of the battery charger here.


Route the battery charger cable out of the distribution block using the same opening as the positive battery lead, close and secure the cover.


Attach the negative battery cable to the grounding post along with the negative battery charger cable, and secure with the 13mm nut.

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Route the battery charger cable so as to allow access to the quick-disconnect without having to remove the trunk panels. I found that the CTEK connector, which is about 1 foot long, was just long enough to clear the panel covers. If you use a different charger, you may need to purchase and optional cable extension for this purpose.


Plug in the charger, and follow the instructions on your battery charger to set it for proper charging. For the CTEK, press the "Mode" button several times until the LED display indicates charging for an AGM battery. An illuminating green LED should let you know that the installation was successful.

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Russell P. posted that the wiring layout on his 2019 F-Type is slightly different than the 2016. Still the positive cable from the charger should still be aligned with the yellow cable marked "09", it's just in a different position on the distribution block. He also noted that the negative ring connector was too small to fit over the remote grounding bolt, so wired it directly to the battery. - RobT

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