Change The Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

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The Crossfire was arguably Chrysler's most misunderstood model vehicle. Produced during the union of Daimler and Chrysler, it shares 80% of its components with the Mercedes-Benz SLK320. Under the hood, it sports a 3.2L M112 E32 V6 engine, producing 215 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque.

Crossfires were available in Limited and Base trim levels as well as a supercharged SRT6 model. This article covers a 2004 Limited model.

Because of their rarity and primarily Mercedes-Benz construction, paying a dealership or service center to change the oil can be hit-or-miss. Luckily, changing the oil yourself is straightforward, easy, and rewarding, even if you've never ventured under a car before.

The Crossfire's Flexible Service System (FSS) takes into account the operating conditions of your vehicle to calculate the distance remaining before your next recommended service. Ordinarily, this is every 7000 miles. Many individuals choose to change their oil more frequently; I change mine every 5000.

To check the remaining distance until your next service recommended by the FSS, turn the key to the ON/RUN position. Press the knob on the dashboard twice (it's to the left of the odometer display). The odometer display will change to a wrench icon and the remaining mileage.

Drain the Oil


Ensure the car is safely secured on ramps or jackstands before spending any time underneath it. Normally, low profile ramps provide sufficient clearance for work. Never, ever get under a car that's lifted with a jack.


Before you can reach the oil pan, you'll have to remove the plastic aerodynamic plate underneath the engine. It's attached by four 8mm screws - two in the very front, two in the very back. Before unscrewing them, take note of the approximate location of the bolt holes. It can be annoying to find them later.


The drain plug is located on the passenger side of the oil pan. It requires a 13mm socket to remove. Ensure the container you're using to catch the old oil is in position, and carefully unscrew the bolt. Once it's loose, it's best to finish unscrewing it by hand to make sure the bolt doesn't fall into the oil that's draining. Set it aside somewhere safe and out of the way where you won't forget it.


The oil will take a little while to completely drain - there's 8.5 quarts of it! If you want to be really thorough, you can raise the driver's side with a jackstand to ensure all the oil is being drained.

Image 1239 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Replace the Filter


While waiting for the oil to drain, you can get to work replacing the filter. It's under the big cap just in front of the engine. Attach the cap wrench to a 3/8" drive ratchet and slowly unscrew the filter cap.

Image 1242 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Once the filter assembly is free, give the oil some time to drip back into the housing before pulling it out completely. Have towels handy to catch any remaining oil as you lift it away.

Image 1245 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Remove the old filter by pulling it straight off the end of the assembly. Once free, dispose of the filter responsibly and wipe down the assembly of old oil.

Image 1248 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

The filter assembly has four O-rings that need to be replaced in addition to the filter itself. Each is a different diameter along the length of the shaft. Use a pair of pliers or a flathead screwdriver to remove each O-ring. The first two are near the narrow tip of the assembly.


The third O-ring is about midway down the assembly...

Image 1269 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

... and the last one is on the end, near the cap. Note the groove the O-ring sits in; it's important the replacement fits in this same groove. If the O-ring is improperly seated, oil can spray from the filter housing while the engine is running!

Image 1272 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Take the new filter and thread it onto the assembly. The Mann Filter has two black lines sewn onto the filter itself; ensure only one line is visible when the filter is seated! Twisting it clockwise as you thread it can help ensure it fits snugly within the cap. Don't be afraid to use a little force; it can be stubborn.

Image 1260 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

The box the filter came in contains four new O-rings and one spare. Open a bottle of new oil and use a little to lubricate each O-ring before threading it onto the assembly. Once the new filter assembly is ready, set it aside on a clean surface.

Image 1263 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Restore the Drain Plug


By this point, the oil pan should be mostly drained. You'll still see a few occasional drips, but that's okay. If you haven't already, wipe down the drain plug you set aside earlier. The copper crush washer can be disposed of, provided you have a new one - and that's always a good idea. You can see the difference between the old and new washers below.

Image 1275 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Thread the new washer onto the drain plug and screw it back in by hand. Using a torque wrench, tighten the bolt to 22 lb-ft of torque. Don't over-tighten it too much, or you'll risk damaging the threads and annoying the next person who has to change your oil.

Image 1278 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Add the New Oil


Now it's time to fill the engine with new oil. Instead of using the separate oil inlet, you can add the oil directly into the housing you removed the filter from - which is great, because it's a much bigger target. The engine's total oil capacity is 8.5 quarts: fill it with 8 quarts initially so you don't overdo it.

Image 1281 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Buttoning Up


With the new oil added, you're ready to button up the car. Re-insert the filter assembly into the housing and, using a torque wrench and the filter cap, tighten it to 18 lb-ft of torque.

Image 1284 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Before buttoning up down below, run the engine for several minutes to ensure no oil is leaking from the filter housing or drain plug. Because of the plate on the underside, leaking oil won't be readily visible once it's installed.


If you're done working underneath the car, it's time to reinstall the aerodynamic plate you removed at the beginning. We found it easier to align each screw with its associated hole before tightening them.

Image 1287 from Change the Oil on a Chrysler Crossfire

Be sure to check your oil level before calling it a day. You can use the digital sensor from the dashboard or check the dipstick (preferably both). To check the sensor level:

  • Turn the key to the ON/RUN position.
  • After approximately 10 seconds, a clock and oil can icon will appear on the odometer.
  • Press the left-hand knob twice to display the oil level. If all goes well, it should read "o.k."

If either the sensor or dipstick reports a low oil level, remove the oil cap atop the engine and top it off. It's a good idea to check the level again in another day or two.

  • Oil drain plug: 13mm, tightened to 22 lb-ft.
  • Oil filter cap: 74mm or 75mm, 14 flutes, tightened to 18 lb-ft.
  • Aerodynamic plate screws: 8mm
  • Total oil capacity: 8.5 quarts

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Thank you so much dude! I changed my oil and my coolant thanks to your instructions :) keep up the great work.

This is an excellent article. But I am pretty sure the oil filter wrench size in the article is wrong. I spent time online and went to two different auto stores where cashiers spent a lot of time trying to find me a 74mm 14 flute oil cap wrench. I don't believe such a thing exists. (I already had a 74/76mm 15 flute wrench which didn't work.)

I decided perhaps the article was wrong and it needed a 75mm 14 flute wrench. I bought one of those and it fit perfectly and worked.


Hello, Im a 60 year old women and I just finished changing the oil in my 04 Chrysler Crossfire, I followed your directions to the t. and it turned out perfect! so proud of myself! Thank you so much! Nancyz


You have to love the person that has your best interest at heart in helping you do something in this world thank you very much dude


Great Article, Very Informative....Thanks for the info....Take Care


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