Replace The Cabin Air Filter on a Chrysler Crossfire

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Buzzing or whistling coming from your air vents? Can't remember the last time you changed your cabin air filter? You should probably change it! A lot of AC noise can be fixed by this simple DIY job. In my case, I had a persistent buzzing from the AC that had bothered me for over a year, and never thought something as easy as an air filter change would correct it. Fancy that!

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver

Remove the Old Filter


The air filter is located behind the glove compartment on the passenger side of the cabin. It's accessed by removing the lower trim panel beneath the dash.


The trim panel is held in place by two phillips head screws at the front of the panel. They're recessed in small holes that can be tough to see, so you may have to feel for them by hand.


Small tabs keep the trim panel in place at the front. Grip it by the sides, or by one of the small holes in the panel itself, and pull it down. You can pull it out of the passenger foot-well to get it out of the way.

Image 6808 from Replace the Cabin Air Filter on a Chrysler Crossfire

Hidden behind the panel is the cabin air filter housing on the left, and the blower motor housing on the right. The air filter is hidden behind a plastic retainer, which is itself held in place by two sliding pieces of plastic (A and B in the image below.) Slide them towards the center, or out towards the edges of the retainer, to unlock it and pull it out.

I found the front plastic slide piece (A, in the image above) to be a real pain to remove, because it bumps up against the plastic trim behind the glove box. Pulling it towards the center is easier; it can also help to get one side of it free first, then wiggle it to free the other side. It takes a bit of patience to get it right.


With the retainer free of its housing, you can pull it down to remove it and the air filter along with it. Watch out for debris as it comes out! You'll probably have to vacuum the passenger footwell when you're done.

Install the New Filter


Well that was easy! Now you're working the same steps in reverse to install the new filter. Here's the old one and the new one, side by side. Despite their slight differences in shape, I found the new Mann filter (right) to fit just fine.

Image 6811 from Replace the Cabin Air Filter on a Chrysler Crossfire

When you install the new filter, ensure the long flat edge is at the bottom, and the curved side is sitting flush with the curved vertical plastic tab on the retainer. This curved side of the filter will be facing away from you as you install it, with the 90 degree corner facing towards you. Install the filter along with the plastic retainer. Ensure the retainer is flush and fitted properly in the air filter housing.


Reinstall the plastic slide pieces to lock it in place. Once again, the plastic slide piece that's closer to you will probably be a pain to lock properly.


Reinstall the trim panel, starting from the back. Ensure the hook at the rear catches properly, and fit the tabs in the front in their respective slots. Take the two phillips head screws and reinstall them in the holes as before.

You're done! Vacuum the passenger footwell to get rid of all the debris that may have fallen out of the air filter as you removed it. Enjoy your new air filter, and (hopefully) silent AC!

The OEM air filter's part number is A 210 830 0818

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