Disable The Tire Pressure Warning Light on a Chrysler Crossfire

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The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) provides a potentially critical reminder to the driver about the state of the pressure in the tires. When the warning bulb illuminates, you should inspect the pressure of your tires at the earliest opportunity.

The TPMS on the Crossfire is notoriously fickle. Oftentimes, an incorrectly installed or calibrated TPMS means the warning light is constantly illuminated on the dash. Unfortunately, correcting it typically requires a trip to the dealership, which can be both frustrating and costly.

While I would never recommend disabling the warning light as a long-term solution, this relatively quick procedure will disable the bulb until you can take it in to be fixed. Thankfully, the process is easily reversible.

The tire pressure warning light illuminates on the left-hand side of the dash once the TPMS detects an approximately 20% drop in air pressure across all four tires below the calibrated specs. If the TPMS is faulty or improperly installed, the bulb may stay illuminated, which is what this fix is meant to alleviate.

According to the label on the drivers-side door well, the recommended PSI levels are 32 for the front tires and 33 for the rear.

Accessing the Wire


The wire we'll need access to is located behind the interior dome lights. Using a flat head screwdriver to pry it loose, carefully remove the dome light cover from the cabin roof. Pull the cover straight down as much as possible without bending it towards the windshield, as there's a small plastic clip on the far side (facing the windshield) that easily breaks.

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Next, we'll need to remove two screws holding the interior light assembly in place within the cabin roof. Both are recessed in holes just to the side of the interior light bulbs. Use a phillips head screwdriver to remove them.


Gently pry the interior light assembly from its position within the cabin roof. It's attached by a large connector the on the right (passenger) side. You can leave it hanging, or remove it from the connector and reattach it later if it's getting in the way.

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Your target is a mated pair of connectors covered in a felt-like insulation. You'll need to disconnect the white connector from its counterpart. In my case, they were fairly stubborn to disconnect, so you might need a little elbow grease to pull them apart.

Image 2700 from Disable the Tire Pressure Warning Light on a Chrysler Crossfire

Relocating the Wire


With the white connector exposed, you'll now have to relocate the grey and yellow wire from its original #2 position to the #6 position on the connector, which is unused.

To remove the wires from the connector, locate the side with the small "hinge" (pictured below). Using a small flat head screwdriver, gently pry the hinge upwards on either side, being careful to not damage it. I found this worked best with a screwdriver from a small jeweler's set.


Once the hinge is released, you can easily pull the grey and yellow wire from its position as the #2 pin. Plug it into the #6 spot, on the opposite end, which goes unused. You can then snap the hinge back in place.


That's all there is to it. Plug the white connector back into the insulated one, stow them back in the hole, and reattach (if necessary) the interior light assembly and pop it into place in the cabin roof, ensuring the screw holes are aligned. You can then replace the screws and reinstall the cover, taking care the clips fit in the correct locations.

Again, I need to reiterate that this should not be a permanent solution. You could potentially be missing out on vital information if your TPMS is not working correctly.

Ensure you check your tire pressure regularly if your TPMS isn't functioning. Try to check your tire pressure while your wheels are cold, and not after driving as they heat up and expand with use.

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The plug does not disassemble as shown. You have to cut the wire. I am reluctant to do that


2007 Crossfire roadster. Dome light connector has 3 wires going into 3 slits. the only other connector I see is the one going into the home link it is black and has 4 wires with 4 slits. Is the 07 roadster model different?


My 2007 roadster doesn't have the white connectors? When dropping the dome, the only connector is the one coming from it with 3 wires. There is a black connector to the home link, but only 4 wires and 4 slits. Is there something different on the 07 roadsters? Thanks.


2007 Roadster. With dome light down one connector to it with 3 wires and 3 slits. The only other connector is one going into the home link. It is black with 4 wires and 4 slits. Is the 07 different??? Would like to disable TPMS for good. Thanks.

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