Change The Oil on a 2017-up Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder

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Learn how to change the oil on your 2017+ Toyota Camry (XV70) with a 2.5L 4 Cylinder A25A-FKS Engine. This engine is shared with the 2018+ RAV4, Avalon, and Lexus ES 250/260. We've got a step by step how to with all the parts and tools you'll need.

Note: The Camry trim levels Hybrid, L, LE, and SE all use the 2.5L 4 cylinder engine. XLE, XSE) are available in both a v6 and inline 4 cylinder engine. The XLE and SLE are available in both V6 and I4 engines, so double check before you buy supplies.

Toyota calls for an oil change every 5,000 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first) under normal use.

Get Started by Lifting the Car


Lift the front of the vehicle using ramps or your jack and jack stands.

The Camry front lift point is easily seen at the center under the car. The side jack/stand points are indicated by the typical notches in the side body seams seen on most cars. Be careful and safe!

Remove The Oil Pan Access Panel


Remove the 4 access panel screws.

Drain the Oil


Place your drain pan under the oil pan.


Remove the 14mm oil drain plug

Image 8816 from Change the Oil on a 2017-up Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder

Install a new drain plug and crush washer. Torque to about 30 ft-lbs.


Remove the oil filter using your favorite type of filter wrench.

Image 8815 from Change the Oil on a 2017-up Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder

Screw the new filter on, tightening it per the instructions on the box.

For example: Mobil1 filter instructions say to seat the gasket and tighten one 3/4 turn.

Fill with New Oil


Using your funnel, refill the oil. It takes approximately 4.8 quarts.

Toyota asks for 0W-16 API SN/RC oil for the 2.5L 4 cylinder. 0W-16 is a somewhat harder to find oil weight, so Toyota does say you can use 0W-20 in a pinch, but should be replaced with 0W-16 at the next interval. I'm able to find some suppliers on Amazon (as listed above in the parts section).

Image 8817 from Change the Oil on a 2017-up Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder

Check the oil level by removing the dip stick, drying it and re-inserting it.

Check the level by reading where the oil shows up on the end.

Finish Up


Visually check the filter and drain plug for leaks.


Re-install the skid plate and 4 screws.


Lower the car back to the ground.


Start up the engine and watch the oil pressure light to make sure it doesn't stay on.


Re-check the oil level and check once more for leaks.

##How to Get Rid of Your Old Oil?##

Your local auto parts store will take your old oil as long as you don't mix it with any other fluids.

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