Replace The Air Filter on a Honda S2000

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Replacing the Air Filter is an incredibly easy job. In fact, it's so easy that I couldn't find a how-to guide on it, so I wrote this one. Even though it's simple it can't hurt to know what you're up against ahead of time, right?

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When to change your filter


The owner's manual recommends replacing your air filter every 30,000 miles.

Locating the air filter housing


The air filter housing is a large plastic box dead in the middle of the engine bay.

Opening the housing


The housing cover is attached with 6 latches (A) that need to be undone. A quick glance around the box and you'll find them, but I've labeled them in the picture below anyway.


You should be able to undo each latch easily.

Image 1482 from Replace the Air Filter on a Honda S2000

Once the latches are removed simply pull up on the housing cover to remove it.

Image 1485 from Replace the Air Filter on a Honda S2000

The lid will become completely detached from the rest of the housing - you can simply put it aside.

Image 1491 from Replace the Air Filter on a Honda S2000

Removing the filter


Now we see the filter. Pull on the filter to separate it from the rubber hose that it's connected to. You may need to turn and twist the filter to free it from the hose, but it shouldn't give you much trouble.

Image 1494 from Replace the Air Filter on a Honda S2000

With the filter removed you can see all the debris that has wound up in the housing. Take a second to clear out the debris.

Image 1497 from Replace the Air Filter on a Honda S2000

Adding the new filter


Your new filter will be oriented like in the picture below. Note the plastic peg (A) on the filter - this will fit into hole (B) when the filter is attached.


Push the filter into the hose, making sure that the plastic groove (A) lines up with the rubber nub (B). Once the nub is sitting into the groove the filter should be aligned correctly, and you can seat the plastic peg into the hole (as shown in the step above).

Wrapping up


Now you simply need to latch the housing lid back on.

That's it! Enjoy your new debris-free filter!

Air Filter (Air Cleaner Element): Honda Part #17220-PCX-003

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