Replace The Alternator on a Honda S2000

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Got a bad alternator? Replacing one in the S2000 is a relatively straightforward procedure. We just need to get some things out of the way before we can get to it. Read on to see how it's done.

One important note - these instructions are for an AP1 (99-03) model. Instructions may alter for a later AP2 model, however I have both alternators and part numbers for all 1999-2009 versions of the car.


First, a quick overview:

Disconnect Battery


Disconnect the negative battery terminal. If you have the stock radio make sure you have the anti-theft codes for your radio.

Remove  Air Filter  system


You're going to need to move or remove the air cleaner assembly. Start by loosening the clamps holding the air cleaner assembly in place.


Disconnect the air hose, breather pipe and cable from the air cleaner assembly.


Undo all 6 latches (A) on the air cleaner housing cover and remove the cover.


You should now be able to twist the air cleaner assembly out of the way (or remove it completely).

Image 6137 from Replace the Alternator on a Honda S2000

Disconnect the air control solenoid valve connector from the air cleaner housing.


Undo the three bolts (B) and detach the hose at the clamp points (C).


Now you can remove the bottom tray of air cleaner housing, allowing access to the alternator.

Move (or remove) drive belt


Release tension on the belt by loosening the tensioner and moving it down.


With the belt loose you can loop it off the alternator (or remove it completely)

Image 6143 from Replace the Alternator on a Honda S2000

Remove  Alternator


Disconnect 4P connector and the positive alternator cable from the back of the alternator. To remove the cable first remove the boot on the cable, then remove the 8mm nut underneath attaching the cable to the alternator.


Here's a view the of connectors with the alternator removed:


Remove the alternator mounting bolts - 10mm (A). On my car these required quite a bit of force, so you may want a torque wrench or breaker bar.


Now you can remove the alternator. Alternate between a pulling and pushing motion to slide the alternator out of the mounting bracket (alternator removed in picture).

Now, in reverse!


Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.


  • 1999-2005: Honda Part #31100-PCX-J02
  • 2006-2009: Honda Part #31100-PZX-003

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EXCELLENT post! Well explained! Annotated photos are first rate!

Bob in Kelowna, Canada.

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