Change The Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

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Changing your front brake pads in your S2000 is a pretty straight-forward job. Unlike the rears compressing the piston is easy, making this job quicker than the rears.

If you're looking to replace the rears as well then check out my other article - Change the Rear Brake Pads on a Honda S2000


If you begin hearing a squeal when braking coming from the front of the car then you'll want to change your brake pads immediately.

If you are hearing a metallic rubbing sound coming from the front that could mean your brake pads are worn completely - that's bad news (not to mention dangerous)! Don't let your car get to that point if you can help it.

Loosen wheel lugs


With the car on the ground go ahead and loosen the wheel lugs on both sides. You don't need to remove these - just break them free.

Jack up the car


Find the front lift point and jack up the car


Lower the car on jack-stands at the side jack points

Remove wheels


Remove the lug nuts and take the wheel off.

Gain Access to Caliper

There are two bolts you'll need to remove to remove the caliper body:


Use your 19mm open wrench to hold the bolt close to you while you use your 12mm wrench or socket wrench to loosen the bolt farther away from you.


And remove the top bolt

Image 7133 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

The bolts are held in place by a rubber sleeve - remove bolts carefully so that you don't damage these.


Now you'll want to loosen the bottom bolt. Use your 19mm wrench and 12mm socket wrench to perform the same procedure.

Image 7134 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Remove the old pads - a flathead screwdriver may help pry them loose if they're stuck.

Compress Piston


Next, you'll need to compress the piston to be able to slide the caliper back on with the larger brand new pads. Compressing the piston will drive brake fluid back through the system. To avoid that you can attach a hose the the bleed screw and let fluid exit here, which is what we have done. This will require bleeding the brakes after. (If you'd like to avoid that you can instead open the brake master cylinder, however you'll want to keep an eye that you don't overflow brake fluid from the cylinder.)


Remove the rubber cap on the bleed screw


Attach your hose around the bleed screw, then use your 10mm wrench to loosen it.

Image 7143 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Unlike the rear piston the front piston is easy to compress. I used a brake spreader tool which makes the job easy. Place one of the old pads in front of the piston then insert the speader tool and turn to add pressure to the piston.

If you don't have a spreader tool you can use a C-Clamp to compress the piston.


Compress the caliper so that it's flush with the caliper body.

Image 7138 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Slide in new pads


Slide the new pads into place

Image 7139 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Buttoning up


Wipe both pins that you removed earlier clean and apply new grease, making sure to cover the pin (I used my finger but a paper towel or gloves work as well)

Image 7141 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Slide pins back in (Rear brakes shown)

Image 7142 from Change the Front Brake Pads on a Honda S2000

Second side!


Repeat the procedure above (starting at "Remove Caliper Body") for the other side of the car

Wrap Up


Put your wheel back on and tighten lug nuts (tighten in a star pattern rather than sequentially).


Lower car, then give your lug nuts a final tightening

Bleed Brakes


If you did use the bleed technique you'll want to bleed your brakes.

  • Front brake pads - Honda Part #45022-SVB-A02
  • Upper caliper pin - Honda Part #45235-S0A-003
  • Lower caliper pin - Honda Part #45262-S0A-003

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