Replace The Turn Signal Bulbs on a Chevrolet Camaro

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Replacing the front blinker bulbs on a 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Camaro is pretty easy. They can be upgraded to appear white when off using stealth bulbs or LED's.

These lights are on when the parking lights are on, and flash brighter when the turn signal is being used.

Make Room To Access The Bulbs


First thing's first, lets locate where these bulbs are.


The Driver's side is the most difficult, so we'll tackle it first.

The air box intake tube is in the way. Fortunately it is designed to move out of the way easily.


Pressing inwards (squeeze) on the center of the sides of the tube closest to the air box, you'll be able to squeeze the little tabs in that keep the tube in place. While squeezing, push the intake tube rearward, into the box.

You only need a little room, so it doesn't move very far.

Remove the Bulb Harness Connector


The connector has a retainer clip on one of the short sides, pressing it inwards will allow you to pull the connector straight off the bulb.


Rotate the bulb counter-clockwise to remove it from the light housing. These were very very tight on our car.

Remove The Bulb From the Adapter


The 3175 bulbs sit in a bulb adapter. Pull straight out to remove the bulb.


Slide the new bulb into the adapter. Take care to clean any hand oils and grease off of the bulb.

Install The New Blinker Bulbs


Once the bulbs are seated in the adapter, slide them back into the housing and turn clockwise to tighten. Note the position of the tabs, line them up so that the bulb will slide in and lock.


Reconnect the wire harness

Test Your Bulbs


Test to make sure the bulbs light correctly with the parking lights and turn signals.


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