The Secret Your Gas Gauge Has Been Telling You For Years

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See that little arrow next to the picture of the gas pump? (Also, what gas pump looks like that anymore?!) That arrow is pointing to the left side of the car, which means that the gas cap is on that side. Likewise, if it was pointing to the right side, the gas cap would be on the right side of the car. Sadly, not all car manufacturers do this, but enough do that it's worth knowing about.

Hopefully this little tip will save you some trouble next time you are driving an unfamiliar car, whether you just bought it, or are renting it for the week.

Have you ever pulled up to the pump in a new car or rental car, but realize you have no idea on which side the gas cap is? Don't be like this person:


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I used this last weekend when we rented a car for a trip. Super useful.

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