Reset The Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors on a Ford Fiesta

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If you need to reset old tire pressure sensors (TPMS) or train new sensors to your Ford Fiesta, here's the step by step process with link to the special transmitter you'll need.

This may happen if you buy new tires from TireRack or replace a TPMS sensor. If you switch between several sets of wheels, buying a transmitter and following this procedure can save you some headache.

The dealer wants approximately $65 to sync 4 wheels, other shops charge about $5 per wheel.

Photo credit: Jacob Bates


Get the TPMS fault light to come on.


Re-check the tire pressure to make sure all 4 are correctly inflated.


Make sure the car is off.


Press and release the brake pedal


Press ignition button on, off, on, off, on.

Make sure the system boots up all the way before turning it off each time. If you do this too fast it won't work.


Press and release the brake pedal.


Press ignition button off.


Press ignition button on, off, on, off, on.

The horn will beep once and a message about training the front left tire will appear on the display.


Use the training transmitter to train each wheel.

Start at the front left, front right, rear right, then rear left.

Hold the transmitter against the sidewall of the tire, near the valve stem.


Ford suggests you check the tire pressure again to make sure they are at the recommended psi.


Press the ignition start button once more without pressing the clutch.


Press the emergency/hazard button 6 times.

The horn will honk and "Train left front tire" on the MyFord touch screen.

That's it.

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