Change The Air Filter on a Ford Escape Ecoboost

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Replacing the engine air filter on a Ford Escape (1.6L and 2.0L Ecoboost shown) is very easy. There are a few plastic panels and covers in the way. With a couple common tools and this guide you'll have it changed in a few minutes flat.

This article shows a 2014 Ford Escape 2.0L Ecoboost (turbo), but the 1.6 uses the same intake and filters. This should apply to similar years like the 2013 and 2015 models.

You should check your air filter approximately every 10,000 miles. When it the filter material is mostly covered in dirt, it's time to replace the filter (or clean it if you have a reusable filter like K&N)

Open The Hood


Pull the hood release lever on the driver's side kick panel.

We're starting very basic here, but we want to make sure even novice enthusiasts can get this done.


Open the hood by pushing the yellow lever outward then lifting the hood. The escape uses a manual hood prop, so use it to keep the hood open.

Remove the Battery Cover


Remove the battery cover to gain some room to access the rear of the air filter lid.

Open The Intake Air Filter Box


Remove the 4 x 8mm hex screws at each corner of the air filter box.

A ratchet with an extension or bit driver would be perfect for this.


Then just remove the air filter cover by pulling it off.

Image 4317 from Change the Air Filter on a Ford Escape Ecoboost

Remove the Dirty Air Filter


Pull the old air filter out of the intake box. It is attached to the tube on the left. The right side has a small lip that also fits just right into the box.

Clean Debris Out of the Intake Box


Make sure you remove any leaves, dirt, or garbage from the intake box.

Image 4323 from Change the Air Filter on a Ford Escape Ecoboost

Install a New Air Filter


Install the new filter by lining up the round rubber hole in the filter with the intake tubing on the left side of the intake box.

Image 4326 from Change the Air Filter on a Ford Escape Ecoboost

The right side has a lip and a little tab you need to line up with the bottom of intake box. The lip around the circumference fits into a slot in the intake box.

Install the Intake Box Lid


The lid fits right back down onto the intake box. Take car to align the lip on the box and the lip on the air filter to make sure the box has a good seal.

Image 4332 from Change the Air Filter on a Ford Escape Ecoboost

Re-install the 4 x 8mm screws into the box lid.


Snap the battery cover back in place.

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Great article on air filter r&r. So simple a child could do this. Thanks!


How about changing the air filter on a 2015 Escape S 2.5?


It appears the filter housing cover is identical to the Focus. Anyone know for certain?

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