Change The Headlight Bulbs on a Ford Escape

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The headlight bulbs are pretty easy to change on the Ford Escape. This guide has everything you need to confidently change your headlight bulbs in the driveway.

Open the hood


Pull the hood latch release lever under the dash.


Release the latch and prop the hood open.

Remove the Headlight Bulb


Locate the bulb you need to replace. High beam bulbs are closer to the middle of the car while the low beam lights are closer to the outer edges.


Remove the rubber cap covering the headlight bulb.


Rotate the bulb counter-clock wise to remove from the housing.


Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb.

Install the new bulb


Clip the new bulb into the plug and insert into the headlight housing.

Do not touch the new bulb's glass with your fingers - the natural oils on them can shorten the bulb's life.

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Test The Bulb


Go ahead and turn on the lights to make sure the new bulb works.

Finish Up


Replace the rubber cap on the back of headlight housing and close the hood when you're done.


Rotate clock wise to lock the bulb in place.

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Do you have to change both if only is bad?


@peter81, there's no requirement to change both, but there's a chance the new bulb may not match the original bulb's color exactly.

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