Subaru Lights Stay On And Won't Turn Off

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Having trouble with your Subaru where the corner parking lights won't turn off? As it turns out it's a super common issue that sends confused owners back to the dealership to diagnose a fix.

This often occurs after washing the car and owners typically think there's a short in the lighting wires.

As it turns out, and you'll probably feel a little oblivious after learning of it, there's a switch right on top of the steering column between the steering wheel and gauges that turns on the parking lights.

When the switch is flipped on, all 4 corner lights stay on without the key: the front running lights and the rear parking lights.

The lights stay on with the key out and the headlight switch off.

Turn off the parking light switch


This this switch, which you never noticed before, keeps your parking lights on.

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Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle! What a blessing to have you available on the internet. Four people have tried to tell me what is wrong with the Subaru since the parking lights won't turn off. Your answer was absolute gold! Thanks many times over. A dedicated bonehead - Carl


Thank you! If only I had come here first before pushing every button and moving every knob, only to disconnect the battery in frustration. I made three phone calls to "Car" people and they were clueless. I was ready to connect the battery and drive it the hour to a Subaru dealership. You saved the day.


I agree with the others above; you are a helpful person! I let my son drive my old Forester when his car would not start. When I saw my car with the lights on, I asked him what he might have done and he had no clue. He probably threw his cell phone up there and turned them on. I didn't want to run down the battery trying to figure out the problem so I looked in the fuse box under the hood and pulled the lighting fuse (labeled nicely on the hood of the box). Then I went to the internet this morning and found your blog. Yeah!!!

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