Lower The Cargo Floor on a Ford Fiesta ST

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The Fiesta ST is an amazing car, but the default cargo space is awkward. The floor has about 6 inches of empty space underneath it because the ST has a full-size spare tire, and the cargo organizer that goes in the normal Fiesta doesn't fit. It's possible to move the cargo floor down to a lower setting, but the full-size spare makes it a tight fit.

Instead, this article will show you how to remove the stock cargo floor and replace it with a rubber cargo mat.

  • Socket Wrench
  • Socket Extension
  • Metric Socket Set
  • Rubber cargo mat from a normal 5-door hatchback Fiesta (Mine is a 2011 model)

Pull up and out to remove the stock cargo floor.

Image 5020 from Lower the Cargo Floor on a Ford Fiesta ST

Locate the cargo floor holders in the back corners of the cargo area.


Use a socket wrench, socket, and extender to remove the bolts from each cargo floor holder.

Image 5026 from Lower the Cargo Floor on a Ford Fiesta ST

Remove the plastic holders and bolts and save them just in case you change your mind in the future.


Carefully shove the cargo mat into the back of the car. You should be able to read the "Fiesta" on the cargo mat, and the notch in the back of the mat should go around the piece of metal in the 60/40 split between the back seats.


Admire your work!

Image 5029 from Lower the Cargo Floor on a Ford Fiesta ST

The floor is a little lumpy because of the spare tire, but you now have a lot more space, and a useful lip that keeps groceries from falling out the back when you open the hatch!

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