Replace The 3rd Brake Light Bulbs on a Chrysler PT Cruiser

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Replacing the 3rd brake light bulbs in a PT Cruiser is very very simple. It's a really quick job you can do in under 10 minutes.

The 3rd brake light uses 3 bulbs, so before you order bulbs, check to see if you need 1, 2, or all 3 bulbs.

  • No Tools Required, just your porcelain smooth hands.

Open the Rear Hatch


This one's easy, pop open the rear hatch to gain access to the 3rd brake light. If your struts don't hold the hatch open, you may want to replace those at the same time.

Remove the Interior Trim Panel


The plastic trim around the tail light is held in with 5 metal clips, 2 on each side and 1 in the middle.

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Simply pull outward on the panel by prying the panel out, away from the car with your fingers. As with most clips like these, they require a good amount of even, carful pressure before they pop out.

Remove The Red Plastic Light Defuser


Now remove the red plastic defuser by carefully unclipping it at either end and setting it aside.

Remove the Burned Out Bulb


Usually the bulb in question will be discolored or if you look closely, you'll be able to see a break in the filament. These bulbs pull straight out of the housing. Just pull out the offending bulb or bulbs

Install the New Bulbs


Remove the new bulbs from the package and insert them into the bulb sockets.

Test the New  Bulbs


Now's the best time to test the new bulbs to see if they are working. Have a helper press on the brake pedal while you watch for the bulbs to light up.


If for some reason they don't light, then you'll have to investigate further into other possible causes like the bulb's socket wiring, or brake switch.

Install the Light Reflector


This just snaps back in the way it came off. Remember there's one (probably fragile) clip on each end that snaps into place. It'll only go on one way.

Snap the Trim Panel Back in Place


Line up the trim panel clips and press them back in place. They'll snap tight once they are attached.

Image 5519 from Replace the 3rd Brake Light Bulbs on a Chrysler PT Cruiser

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