Install The Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit on a Ford Focus ST

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Let's face it — the stock suspension on the Ford Focus ST is pretty good. This Air Lift Performance kit, however, will take your suspension up a notch.

This suspension is fully adjustable, which means you can customize the height of your ride, as well as adjust to specific road conditions.

Let's get started!

  • Two replacement adjustable struts with the bags and strut mounts already installed
  • An air tank to mount in your trunk
  • An air compressor to fill the tank
  • A manifold that controls everything
  • The controller that mounts on your dashboard
  • A pair of rear bags, shocks and mounts

Front Suspension


IN addition the ones listed above, you can check out these parts for additional options. Now it's time to get started.

1.Take the cowl off so you can access the strut.


Disconnect the strut from the spindle. To do that:

• First, disconnect the brake line from the strut.

• Remove the bolt that holds the spindle to the strut.

• Put the bolt in from the other side against a piece of metal. This separates the spindle and removes it from the strut.

• Remove the bolt again.

• Pull down on the spindle to disconnect it. This might take a bit of force.

• Remove the three bolts up by the engine to take out the strut completely.


Install the new strut:

• Before installing, thread the line in tightly.

• Put the new strut in its place.

• Replace the top three bolts near the engine.

• Reconnect the strut to the spindle by using a jack to raise it up into place.

• Grab the original holding bolt and thread it back in.

• Reinstall the brake line.


Repeat the process on the other side.

Back Suspension


Now, let's move on to the rear suspension. We'll be replacing the entire control arm assembly: First, take off the end link.


Remove the control arm and the spring:

• The spring is under pressure, so support it and then remove the bolt. Then, lower it down carefully.

• Loosen the nut and bolts on the subframe to remove the control arm.


Install the new control arm assembly.

• Put the subframe bolt into the perch, and then reinstall it.

• Grease both ends of the control arm, and then attach it to the airbag:

o The two top holes on the airbag are meant for bolts, and the last hole is the air fitting.

o Line up the holes and screw the parts in by hand first to ensure a tight fit.

• Line up the new control arm and replace the bolt that holds it in place.


Put the control arm into the subframe.

• Some force or help may be required to get it to line up.

• Install the washer on the end of the nut that holds the control arm to the subframe, and then tighten the bolt.

• Go back and tighten the bolt on the spindle.

• Reinstall the end link.


Repeat the process on the other side, and then install the brake lines.


Once you’ve completed with the above steps:

• Make sure you have the airbags mounted in all four corners.

• Mount the tank, the compressor and the manifold in your trunk.

That's it! The system can be adjusted using the included controller. Enjoy your new Air Lift Performance kit.

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