Change The Cabin Air Filter on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

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The cabin air filter is pretty easy to change on the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. Despite it being behind the glove box, you can access it pretty easily without any tools at all.

Scion/Subaru recommend you change this filter every 15,000 miles. I changed ours for the first time at 30,000. It had obviously captured a lot of large stuff (it's kind of surprising what makes it into these), but there were no noticeable problems or smells in the car.

This install shows the longest method to install the air filter. It is actually possible to install without removing the glove box, but it's very tight. However, the glove box really is very easy to get off, so this is probably the preferred method.

Gain Access to the Cabin Air Filter


Open the Glove Box

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Locate the mechanism that slows the opening of the glove box so it doesn't slam open.


Detach the mechanism that slows opening.


Remove the glove box completely by flexing the stop pegs inward.


The final part holding the glove box on are the little hinges at the base of the box. First rotate the glove box all the way down toward the floor. If it doesn't fall off on it's own, just pull it away from the hinge and the whole glove box should come loose.

Remove the Cabin Air Filter


The cabin air filter cover is now plainly visible in the area behind where the glove box was.

Remove the cover by pressing the clips on either end.


Pull the cabin air filter straight out. It can be a little difficult to grasp. Don't worry about bending or flexing the filter, it should give enough to grab it and pull it out.

Image 6342 from Change the Cabin Air Filter on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

Install the New Interior Cabin Air Filter


Simply unwrap your new filter and insert it into the filter slot.

Take care to insert it in the right direction - it is possible to install it incorrectly.

  1. The flat ends point toward the front and rear of the car.
  2. Air flows from top to bottom.

Depending on the filter you get, it will have markings on the end to indicate how to install it. The Toyota one had an UP arrow, which is pretty easy, just make sure it's pointed up.

The APE filter has a flow arrow, which points in the opposite direction (down).


Re-install the cabin air filter cover by snapping it in. Make sure it's sealed and seated properly.

Re-Install the Glove Box


Slide/Snap the bottom hinges in.


Rotate the glove box up and carefully squeeze the stop pegs inward so they'll clear the sides of the dash.


Slip the open-slowing mechanism back onto the glove box.

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