Change The Battery on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

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Toyota's stock battery is a Panasonic Group 35 battery. Replacing the battery yourself is pretty easy. Depending on your priorities, you may wish to upgrade to a battery with more capacity or less weight, there's tons of options either way.

Any group 35 battery will fit as long as the negative is on the left front. The wires wont stretch to the opposite sides.

The stock battery's specs:

  • 10.23" L x 6.69" W x 8.07" H
  • 25.3 lbs.
  • 440 CCA
  • 94 RC

Disconnect The Battery


Locate the battery at the base of the windshield on the passenger side.


Disconnect the negative terminal clamp.


Remove the positive terminal cover.


Disconnect the positive terminal clamp.

Remove Battery Tie Down


Loosen the 10mm nut on the front hold down clamp.


Slip the front hold down rod downward and out of the bottom retaining bracket.


Flip the hold down bracket up and remove the rear hold down rod the same way you remove the front one.


Remove the hold down, here's a shot of it removed. The front most rod is on the right.


Here's an animation of the whole hold-down removal:

Image 6368 from Change the Battery on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ

Remove Battery


Pull the battery up and out of the engine bay. Recycle it appropriately!

Install the new battery


Carefully fit your new battery in place on the plastic tray.


Now the most complicated part. Slipping the hold down rods in place is a little annoying. Start by capturing the rear hook in. Then hold the top bracket flat down on the battery and hook the front one in.


Tighten the 10mm nuts on the hold down rods and make sure everything is held in place.

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