Replacing The Shift Knob on a Scion FR-S

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The stock shift knob on the 2013 Scion FR-S is great, but you'll probably want to customize it at some point. It seems like there should be something complex about it, but it's actually really simple. Read on to find out how.

  • Hands
  • A replacement shift knob with 12 x 1.25 threading.

Keep in mind that this car has a reverse lockout lever on the shifter. If you would like to maintain the seamless look of the stock shift knob, look for one that has a recess in the bottom to cover up the top portion of the lockout lever.


Grasp the currently installed shift knob with your hand.


Turn counter-clockwise. It may take a little force to get it started, but make sure you're turning it the correct direction if it's too difficult.


Keep turning until the knob comes off.


Store the stock knob in a safe place.


Insert the threads on the shifter into the hole in the bottom of the new shift knob.


Turn clockwise gently without pressing down. Forcing it may damage the threads.


Continue turning until the knob is screwed on completely.


Grip the knob firmly and twist a little more to make sure the knob is on tight. You'll be using the shifter a lot, and you don't want the knob coming off while you're driving. Do not use any tools, or you may damage the knob and make it very difficult to remove later.

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