Remove The Steering Wheel on a Scion FR-S & Subaru BRZ (GT-86)

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If you're upgrading your steering wheel or just need to remove it to work on the steering column, here's the best guide to get you there.

It's a simple project, the first time may take you 15-20 minutes, and 5 if you've done it before.

Disconnect The Battery


Make sure you disconnect the battery before you start.

You'll need to remove the air bag - to keep surprises to a minimum, we'll make sure there's no chance of accidentally setting it off.

Remove the Horn and Air Bag

These steps are covered with more detail in my article for removing the air bag here.


Remove the Horn / Air Bag Cover by releasing the 3 clips around the steering wheel


Remove the air bag by disconnecting the 3 wires.

Remove the Steering Wheel


Remove the white wire connector.

Be careful as they plug into the clock spring. It's somewhat fragile, so just take care, and don't spin it around.


Loosen the 17mm center nut.

You'll need a long breaker bar and a short extension as it's somewhat recessed below the steering wheel

Loosening the nut without completely removing it will help you remove the wheel without hitting yourself in the face. Back it off just a millimeter or two.


Pull the steering wheel away from the column.

This is where you'll thank me about not removing the nut completely. Mine was super tight, I had to grab with both hands and exert a lot of pulling force to get it to unstick. You may have more luck if you give it a little side to side motion to help shimmy it loose.


Finish removing the nut and pull the steering wheel off.

Be careful with the clock spring wires, feed them through the hole in the steering wheel and don't pull the spring off.

And you're done.

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If you're replacing a wiper stalk or just upgrading to a stalk with fog light controls, check out my other articles that cover the full project.

  • Battery Terminal: 10mm
  • Steering Wheel Nut: 17mm and 29 ft/lbs.
  • Clock Spring Part Number: SU00304268

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