Install The I Jdmtoy Shark Decal on a Any Car

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Many cars today have Vinyl Decal Stickers on their vehicles and it makes their car unique and different from the rest. People want to get these decals but aren’t sure on how to install it or if it is possible to do it themselves. Not to worry, with a few simple steps, you too can have the knowledge and skill to install your very own big vinyl decal.

  • Soap Water
  • Squeegee
  • Clean Cloth
  • Knife

First, you need to get soap water, knife, squeegee, and some clean cloth.


Clean the surface that you are going to place the decals on first and then use soap water again to keep the surface wet before applying. Peal the decals backwards. The backing maybe wrinkled because it is shipped in a tube, this will not affect the product at all.

Image 6994 from Install the iJDMTOY Shark Decal on a Any Car

This is a two-person job, so have someone help you to apply the decal and use squeegee to GENTLY push on the decals to get rid of any water or air bubbles.

Image 6995 from Install the iJDMTOY Shark Decal on a Any Car

Use the knife to cut the edges or unneeded parts and let the decal air dry.

Image 6996 from Install the iJDMTOY Shark Decal on a Any Car

You can see that installing a full size vinyl decal is simple and won't take you long. It's an easy way to add character for you vehicle and makes your car stand out.

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