Clean The Maf Sensor on a Scion FR-S or Subaru BRZ

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Regular cleaning of the Mass Air Flow sensor should be considered regular maintenance. This sensor can get dirty, and dramatically effect how your car runs and idles.

We suggest cleaning the sensor with every air filter change with a MAF safe cleaner.


Locate the MAF Sensor.

It's right up front in the engine bay, located on top of the air intake tubing just after the intake air filter box.


Remove the sensor's electrical connector.

Press on the clip and wiggle to remove it.


Remove the MAF Sensor.

Remove the 2 Phillips head screws. The sensor will just pull out of the intake.


Spray the inside of the sensor liberally.

Do not touch any of the wires inside the MAF, and only clean them using a MAF safe cleaning spray like the one linked in the supplies section.

3-5 direct, dousing sprays should dislodge any debris and clean off anything that's accumulated on the sensor wires.

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Re-install the MAF sensor.

Don't forget to install the 2 screws and re-clip the electrical connector.

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