Fixing The Suspension And Brakes on a 1965 Ford Mustang

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When Ford introduced the Mustang in April of 1964, it became an immediate hit. The Mustang was first introduced as a hardtop and a convertible, with a fastback version coming out in 1965. The largest selling feature of the early Mustang was its horsepower, as its V8 option was rated at 271 horsepower. This classic vehicle remains popular to this day with car enthusiasts and is commonly rebuilt using modern technology. One such improvement involves installing a new suspension and brakes, as this leads to a smoother ride with better handling for the driver.

Buy your Equipment

Start by purchasing the right equipment. You will have a number of great options from which to choose with the 1965 Mustang, as new parts are always being developed for this classic car. A number of people are now going with air suspension kits in their Mustangs, since they provide an extremely smooth and consistent ride. If you choose to go with an air suspension kit, you might want to upgrade to an 8.8-inch rear end axle because this provide better support for the equipment. You will also have to buy your air shocks and compressor system before you begin. The newest compressor systems can be operated with your smartphone, making it very easy to adjust your vehicle after installation.

The Front End

Before you can install your new equipment, you will have to remove the old stuff. The strut rod braces and the shock tower assembly must be taken out, as this provides enough room to install the kit. Keep in mind that you will have to cuts these braces and brackets away from the car, so make sure that you have the right tools on hand. Once the car is prepared, you can start with the actual installation. The crossmember is installed first because it provides support for the rest of the kit. This step requires some welding skill, as you must tack the crossmember into place and then fully weld it once you have attached the rod to the crossmember. The shocks are the installed on the rod, which completes the front end of the car.

The Back End

Working on the back end starts with the installation of the 8.8-inch axle. Next, the strong arms are installed, as this is what allows you to attach the suspension to the vehicle. If you are going with an air suspension, it is best to choose something with aluminum impact forged construction, as this can help prevent leaks from developing. The actual installation process is quite easy, as everything is attached with bolts. Therefore, the back end does not require much cutting after you have removed the original axle.

The Brakes

Installing the brakes is the final step in this process. It is recommended that you go with 14-inch brakes on the front and 13-inch brakes on the back, although you can make adjustments and choose different sizes. A number of people will modify the back end of their 1965 Mustangs to strengthen them because this leads to better brake performance. It is important that you put these larger brakes in if you plan on racing or pushing your car hard, since you will want keep as much control over the vehicle as possible.

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