Replace The Cabin Air Filter on a 2014 Mazda 6

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If your car's air smells less than fresh, or there's a lot of pollen and gunk in the air... you might need to replace your cabin air filter.

The Mazda6 is pretty straightforward; the filter resides behind the glovebox.

  • New cabin air filter (Wix 24103)

Empty your glovebox and leave it open.


First, look at the right hand side of the glovebox. There's a small plastic hook that attaches to the front of the glovebox, from the dashboard. Leave this hooked.


Look on the left and right sides for these plastic studs. Squeeze the glovebox so you can maneuver the studs to the front.


Repeat this on the left hand side.


First, look at the filter in your car and notice the air direction. Set the new filter on your dashboard with the air direction going the right way, so that you can just slide it in once you take out the old filter.


Push the clip at the bottom (A) then grab the tab (B) on the old filter and pull out the old filter.

(This is the same picture as in step 4, but with new annotations)


Take your new filter, with the air direction facing the correct direction (checked in step 5), push the tab A, and slide it in.


Reset the two studs in steps 3 and 4 so that they are behind the dash panel. This allows the glovebox to open properly.

You have to squeeze the glovebox a bit to do this.


Enjoy clean, fresh air!

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